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First Kings Masonic Association

W Rodney K. Couto, President

District News:

Annual dues of $20.00 are now due. 

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Treasurer R∴W∴ Donald T. Kuhner, Jr.

RW Troy Allan Darrell

District Deputy Grand Master

of the First Kings District

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R∴W∴ Troy Allan Darrell

District Deputy Grand Master

M∴W∴ Jeffrey M. Williamson

Grand Master of Masons

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Genesis Lodge - 10/12/17 - Passed

Midwood-Fortitude Lodge - 10/18/17- Passed

Anglo Saxon Lodge - 11/2/17- Passed

Balder-Greenpoint Lodge - 11/7/17- Passed

Zeredatha Lodge - 11/13/17- Passed

Kings County Lodge- 11/17/17- Passed

Excelsior Lodge - 11/21/17- Passed

May 7th - 8th 2018

Grand Lodge Session

New York, N.Y.

July 22, 2018

S.I. Yankees Game

Staten Island, N.Y.

August 26, 2018

Annual District Picnic

Fort Tilden, N.Y.