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District Deputy Grand Master

R∴W∴ Troy Allan Darrell

First Kings Masonic District President

W∴ Rodney K. Couto

First Kings Masonic District Secretary

R∴W∴ Allan L. Leander

First Kings Masonic District Treasurer

R∴W∴ Donald T. Kuhner, Jr.

First Kings Masonic District

Public Relations

W∴ William Cohen

To host a Child Identification event:

R∴W∴ Joel Hilsenrath, Child ID Chairman

To have photographs taken at your next event:

Bro. Steven Harrison, Photographer

Submit Lodge & District photos:

Art Director

To report errors or missing information:

R∴W∴ Joel A. Hilsenrath, Historian

To submit Lodge and District Events:

W∴ Michael McClenan, Event Coordinator

For general inquiries & information:

W∴David Silberstein, Webmaster

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R∴W∴ Troy Allan Darrell

District Deputy Grand Master

M∴W∴ Jeffrey M. Williamson

Grand Master of Masons